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"Lexi has added a professional added benefit to my Art pages with her social media postings. It has allowed me to focus more on my artwork and meeting new clients. Her ability to streamline the postings to all my platforms has really brought my business to the next level."

- VAndreè Art

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"Lexi is fantastic, she's really on top of things! She's great with reminding us about important events that need to be covered and that is fantastic, since we are so busy we can tend to forget sometimes. She's really fun to work with and is a very nice person which is wonderful,

that seems hard to come by these days!

10/10 from The Olate Dogs!"

"Lexi is wonderful to work with, she's creative, kind and proactive. We feel lucky to have her on our team!"

- Keller Family 

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"My name is Deirdre Smith and I am the lead singer for Welcome Home. Lexi has been AMAZING for Welcome Home. She has taken over all of our Social Media channels and made them make sense. She increases our visibility daily, creates newsletters, books shows, gets photographers and, and, and... She is extremely creative, organized and efficient. Lexi is one of those people that you can discuss what you want and need and rest assured that if it's possible, she will get it done."

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